Thesis Idea 3: Retain Your Culture. Be confident with your tradition.

middle_750x475-132851_v2_18381483680531125_7541fbb5a117fa99b58c8e22c620737e.jpg下载.jpg By Wang Shu  architect,

When contemporary architecture meets traditional culture.


Modernism impacts architecture changes in worldwide. Also, it impacts young architects. I’ve heard that someone said traditional buildings were ugly. And I also have seen some modern building using traditional decoration. In my opinion, I disagree both of them. I think as an young arhitect, we should be confident with our tradition and culture. I think the soul of our traditional culture is not only the skin, the materials, or the decorations. It also should be the customs or spirit of culture. We can see many amazing Japanese contemporary design and architecture representing there traditional culture. So, what I want to explore is carry forward my national culture to my architecture design.


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